Almost all activities done by a human being of today are aimed at achieving material wealth and the element of environment degradation has been neglected.

Depending on the degree of degradation, the environment may, with its own mechanisms, do the bioremediation, but in most of the cases it is not possible. Bioremediation of the damaged and affected environment by useful microorganisms is a process where the damaged biological soil activity is retrieved in a completely natural way. This is also possible for mud and water surfaces which have been degraded with industrial waste, oil and other harmful compounds.

The quantity or the surface of the degraded area will determine whether bioremediation will be done at that very location or it is transferred to a safe location where the bioremediation process will take place for a certain period of time.
Once the bioremediation is finished and analysis conducted, the procedure is continued with the proposal where to dispose the material that was subject to bioremediation (soil, mud, water, etc)

It is necessary to have our expert team visit the location where the degradation took place in order to collect as many useful information as possible (surface, quantity, origin, how the degradation occurred, time period, existing analysis, etc.) and based on that, we shall propose the measures necessary for the beginning of the bioremediation process.

Bioremediation process by using our useful microorganisms implies the isolation of the degraded location, preventing the degradation of the healthy environment and the reestablishment of biological activity in the degraded environment.