A certain quantity of waste is created during our daily activities both at work and at home. A high percentage of the waste, especially household waste is fruit and vegetable.

Due to the fact that this type of waste decomposes very quickly and thanks to pathogen bacteria, unpleasant odours are created even while the waste is in the household waste bins and particularly while it is in the larger waste containers used for collective garbage disposal.

Our technology is offering a solution how to use fruit and vegetable waste in the production of your own home compost and at the same time avoid the creation of unpleasant smell in the house.

In order to make a quality compost at home, you need a compost bin "Organko plus" and the product "Balance".

In order to have one active "Organko bin" available, you need a set of two bins.

As you do your regular household activities, you should put the fruit waste which has been cut into small pieces into the compost bin and spray them with the product "Balans" and thus stimulate the fermentation decomposing without unpleasant odours.

In the period when the waste is disposed off in the bin, it is necessary to drain the fermentation liquid every three days and if you dilute it with water you can use it for watering your house plants or undiluted for clearing the drainage pipes.

Once the "Organko plus" bin is filled, it is necessary to keep the waste in the bin for the next 15 days and the fermentation liquid needs to be drained every three days.

After these 15 days are over, you will get a ready fermentation compost enriched with beneficial microorganisms that can be mixed with soil and used in Your garden or pots.