A procedure that prevents the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms by various means and objects, and which serves to improve hygienic conditions, using suitable disinfection means and methods.

Available products:

  • eMB starter aktiv
  • eMB aktiv
  • eMB balans/septico
Waste bins and transport vehicles represent the sources of unpleasant smells and pathogenic sources of illnesses and that is why it is necessary to treat them with beneficial microorganisms, i.e. with eMB products.

The treatment is done either by motor or hand spray with the small quantity of eMB product in 1:5 or 1:10 ratio.

The treatment of vehicles used for communal waste transport and waste bins need to be done once they are emptied and washed so that unpleasant smells are eliminated, the number of insects reduced and prevented the infection of roads used for waste transport.